What Makes a Small Business Accountancy Firm Different?

Get the right help for your small business.

A small business accountancy firm is different in so many ways. Too many people assume that small business is the poor relation of big business, but SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population – a staggering percentage. SMEs account for three-fifths of UK employment, and around half of the turnover of the private sector. Good grief! And, yet, people assume small business accounting is easier. Go figure!

In Basingstoke we have one of the most vibrant business communities in the country and we’re lucky to be located right in the heart of it all. The Economic and Research Social Council (ESRC), states that SMEs are important in boosting productivity, and that they contribute 47% of revenue to the UK economy. So, small business is far from a marginal, niche group of business owners, it’s literally the backbone of our country.

What Do You Need from Your Small Business Accountancy Firm?

Obviously, you want your small business accountant to provide expertise and insight when it comes to looking after your finances – which as a small or emerging business don’t always go according to plan. Your accountant can help you plan for the good times, and the bad (both of which can be problematic for small business).

Being local is key – as a small business you will need to work closely with your accountant. We’re the best small business accountancy firm in Basingstoke because we focus on our local business community and understand what’s happening here on the ground. Our clients often need to pop into our offices and get direct help with their accounts – something that wouldn’t be possible if we were based in a different part of the country.

An small business accountant should have an excellent level of experience and expertise, with the testimonials to back this up. It is important that they can establish their credibility with you from the start. Go check out our Google rankings here.

They should understand the kind of issues your size of enterprise faces, and show their commercial awareness of how your business model works, and the market you’re operating in. Alongside demonstrating initiative, they should also be innovative, helping your business become fit for the future, employing modern tools such as the latest accountancy software.

Small business is big business to us – we get it, we get you, and we’re here to help your business thrive.