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Cheryl Woolhouse

Cheryl Woolhouse

Director & Accountant

Qualified accountant and working in practice since 2007. Gaining a large variety of experience, dealing with clients in a wide range of business sectors. Primarily small to medium company sized.

In 2017 HL&W Ltd was created, the vision was clear and simple. Proactive and easy to understand accounting for all our clients. Tailoring accounting to their business needs, rather than a one size fits all approach. We uniquely, proactively look for tax efficiency throughout the whole business life cycle, bringing in expertise from an in house regulated financial planner and utilising tax advisers to assist with this.
The business has grown rapidly since 2017, as a result of offering a more personal touch approach. As our business grows so does our team, meaning that client service standards stay at the exceptional level we have strived for since inception.

“Proactive and simple to understand accounting is our primary aim.”

Photo of Joanna Joanna Mirkowicz

Joanna Mirkowicz FMAAT


Gained a Masters Degree in Economics in 2006, qualified as an accountant and worked in practice since 2011.

Joining HL&W Ltd in 2019 to help maintain client servicing standards, as the practice continues its exceptional growth journey. “I have worked in various financial roles, but accountancy was always my passion.”

Photo of Susan Page

Susan Page

Business Manager

Su is a dedicated professional, taking time to understand the business needs of our clients, ensuring that HL&W provide a tailored service for each customer. Su keeps up to date with changes in legislation, particularly pertaining to tax law, thus ensuring that your business meets all necessary statutory requirements. Her focus is to ensure that we take care of your accounting, so you can focus on growing your business.
Photo of Richard Woolhouse

Richard Woolhouse

Operations Manager

Richard, brings years of operational experience to the team. With over a decade in managing complex operations and customer service teams, his focus is on delivering the best customer experience for every HL&W client.

Emma Howell

Accounts Assistant

Emma is one of the first team members that you will encounter at HL&W, she will onboard you on to our system, liaise with any previous accountants that you may have had or set up your new company with HMRC and Companies House. As your business grows you may need to register your business for other taxes, for example VAT, Emma will do this on your behalf, so you do not need to worry about it.

Lewin Woolhouse

Chief Morale Officer

Lewin has become a key member of our team; taking care of office harmony and client comfort, ensuring that everyone is always feeling at their best. His duties include; making himself available for petting (24-7), drinking loudly from his water bowl, and looking crazy cute while he sleeps. He’s very committed to his job.