Find an accountant based in Basingstoke and get your business launched.

Find an accountant based in Basingstoke who loves start-ups

Finding the right accountant based in Basingstoke isn’t straightforward, and finding one who specialises in small business might feel like an overwhelming task, but don’t let that stifle your enthusiasm.  Starting a business is an exciting adventure … if you do it the right way, and with the right people by your side. We specialise in working with small businesses and based in Basingstoke makes it easier for local businesses to collaborate with us directly (and I think we’re all a little tired of zoom – bring on the in-person meetings).

There are lots of factors to consider before your business can open, the most important of which is your business plan. GOV.UK explains that a business plan is very important because not only does it explain what the company is and does, it covers goals, objectives, revenue, marketing, and financial projections all in one written document. Having a proper business plan can help you clarify your market concept or business idea as a whole, identify possible issues, set targets, and monitor your business progress.

If you want to secure financing or a bank loan, you’ll need a business plan to present to an institution. Your business plan can also assist you in persuading consumers, prospective employees, and your chosen suppliers, to invest in, and support your business.

Why choose HL&W?

When you google accountants near me, you’ll be surprised to see that it brings up the details of a bunch of firms that aren’t based here. We’re based right in the heart of the town centre (and we all live in Basingstoke) so if you’re looking for an accountant based in Basingstoke you need not look any further. We’re a small (but growing) accountancy practice and we’ve situated our offices on Basing View to ensure that local businesses have easy access to our offices.

Cheryl Woolhouse FMAAT, the Managing Director, and her team bring a fresh, young feel to the accounting industry and focus on supporting the self-employed, small businesses and independent contractors. They have years of experience in helping start-up businesses and understand the unique challenges that they come to face.

Our staff have a highly approachable way of helping you start up your own small business and will help you every step of the way. Our services include the following.

● Dividend Planning
● Preparing for Corporation Tax
● Financial Accounting
● HMRC-related Correspondence
● Preparing for Annual Accounts
● Payroll
● Budgeting and Forecasting
● Personal Tax
● Company Secretarial Services

Apart from the above, the accounting services offered, we will support you in the development of your business plan; ensuring it’s one that will generate a healthy cash flow to ensure that your business can keep growing.

If you’re a local business, your search for an excellent, small business accountant based in Basingstoke is officially over. We’re here to help you thrive.